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Hi! I just want to say that I love this game and I love Vast Error. I'm really into the whole story and I can't wait for more from both!

is there any way that snowbound blood can be for android? :( i love playing sbb so much but i have a chromebook instead of an actual windows or mac computer. so i was just wondering!


yah that would be great, especially considering how much of a text heavy game this is.Portability would go a long way

Also are there any plans to turn the text boxes you get when investigation to a sort of point and click thing like ace attorney?

An Android release of Snowbound Blood is planned for the future when the game has been completed. :)


oh my god hamifi could step on me and i would thank her-


Me and my gf both really enjoy reading this together, we hope our collective enthusiasm helps to motivate you guys to keep up the great work from the lack of comments. I really enjoy how you contextualize meeting up with interesting characters by it being a investigation. It actually got me into the mood to read more detective novels. 

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is there anywhere the full credits for the artists in each episode are listed? I love the work on the game sprites and backgrounds!

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Whoops, forgot to post this earlier! We've got a FAQ doc for Snowbound Blood, if anyone has questions.

EDIT: oh and I also forgot that we have transcripts for the game available as well


I love this game and the characters and the layers added to the universe!


Should list Linux as a platform, runs just fine with no compatibility layer.


any or all of the snowblood bound characters could step on me and i would absolutely thank them

even sabine?


This is really excellent so far!
Some stuff I particularly love:

  • Secily's quirk being real chess games and having dynamic handling so that it works correctly no matter what order you take branching paths in.
  • The way the menu evolves as you finish the routes, adding more and more stuff to the pile.
  • All the character themes are great.
  • Pretty girls 🙇‍♀️.
  • Flashbacks with early-transition/pre-transition Secily in them, I love playing as a trans protagonist, and I love her.

i would die for you secily


I absolutely adore this story, you guys are doing such a great job! You have me very invested in the unraveling mystery ~


thank you for my wife sceily

Love it so far! I didn't read Vast Error... should I do that in order to understand the full plot of this story? Or can I just read this and it's fine?


Reading Vast Error is optional, regardless of if you do it before or after. However, you might get much more out of this game if you look into it.


Thank you! :D
Keep up the good work on the game!

how do i get volume three I uninstalled then installed the game again and checked for updates but nothings working 

You have to complete Volumes 1 and 2 to be able to access Volume 3.


I did that. Vol 3 is appearing on the trollodex but not the start for some reason? 


How do you download and Play Volume two? I can't get it to work...

Either download the game anew or get the client and check for updates.

This game is a ton of fun


Although very new, the polish this story is delivered with is impressive and I'm enthusiastic for more. Contrasting with visual novels that rehash a tired, linear format in favor of pushing out a lot of content with minimal substance, Snowbound Blood's mission really seems to be something special more than worth keeping an eye out for.

I agree, as a fellow reader with high standards what are some other good vns which break convention?


amaizing beautiful perfect, 

can't wait for more  :^


a good


this may be quite fun